Monday, June 30, 2008

Watch it again, for the first time...

This is an oldie, been online for 5 months now. One of the best drift combos I've ever seen @ 1:21-1:31. Ready for this one to release already. Coming out this summer?

MACAFRAMA Trailer from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


In front of Gallery Lofts/Urban Standard/The Travel Scene/to be Faith @ 7. Come ready to ride.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Booyah Achieved

Untitled from Jarrod Allen on Vimeo.

Aaron and I played around Lynn Park a little bit after Critical Mass winded down. I got some good video of him as well that I'll post after he signs the consent form.

Watch Wall-E
Don't rip off your toenails in front of Firehouse Subs.

Mucho Gusto

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The JAN trailer for Fumikiri - Crazy Japanese!

trailer for FUMIKIRI from JAN on Vimeo.

To All My Skateboarding Homies

Cadence Clothing for urban cycling has produced a skateboard deck...check it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NYTimes article on fixed gear - shop/track/street culture


end joey,

Circle A

I first heard about this company from Clint. We spent 30 minutes trying to find their site. Now that I can see the details of one of their builds it's easy to appreciate the quality of their stuff.

Circle A cycles frame build slide show.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wednesday Night Ride

We will be riding tomorrow night around 10-ish. We will be meeting up on 2nd Ave. near the Gallery Lofts. See you then.

goodie goodness


yet another beautifully uneventful MACAFRAMA commercial

Macaframa from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hardly relevant but remarkably fun

The past couple days I've been using a 3D picture/video viewer to browse youtube and flickr to fulfil my fixed gear content addiction. Every once in a while something like this will surface on the "internets" that is pretty revolutionary. Give it a go and let me know your thoughts.... I've had it installed on a PC browsing w/ firefox for about a week. The version for Safari is limited to 2.0-3.0.4. If you run Firefox on a Mac then you're in good shape.

Check it out...

also please take time to visit our sister site....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Who gave Steve Urkel a track bike

This is some good stuff, filmed well and the full (Ricky Martin) she-bang. If it weren't for that bugging kid in librarian tortoise shells and Alvin's Island tank tops it'd be darn near perfect. (If you've ever seen his stuff on Vimeo he cruises back by the camera after every trick to display a kind gesture. Hardly annoying at all...

enjoy, (it's almost 12 min)

council of doom - another 48 hours from wolfgang on Vimeo.

Critical Mass NEXT FRIDAY - Let’s make this happen. Spread the word.

Please join Critical Mass for a ride around town, beginning at 6:00 at Linn Park. We'll probably ride for an hour or so, and the difficulty will depend on who shows up.

Cinelli <3's RVCA

RVCA & Cinelli collaboration

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unused Bootleg V.2 Footage

"Bootleg Sessions v.2" Tom LaMarche Unused Footage from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.
Velo shirt

Would you wear this? I'm thinking about making some shirts somehow. Hopefully using a means other than Rust-O-Luem.

If enough are interested I'll try to score some organic cotton shirts from AA and figure something out. $20 a piece too steep? If I could cover cost for less then well, less...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MACAFRAMA Commercial 3

Banner video day here at the TWR headquarters.

Macaframa from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Looking really clean.


Classy & minimalistic

Mr. Goodriders

Unfinished from Tony West on Vimeo.

This is some wild riding. Lots of tricks and combos I've never seen before. Who are these guys?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ghost Riders

Walking back to our place after watching Andrew Bird at City Stages, I noticed two road bikes locked to a street sign.  I crossed the street just to check them out and they were both fixed.  One was white w/ a yellow seat and the other red w/ white deep v's?  Any clues who's bikes these are?  I've never seen either...


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Get the Footy In!

Chrome bags is having a video contest. 

Check out current entries here:

Friday the 13th

Here are a few clips I pulled from some footage shot last night of Jarrod and me. 

* Jarrod didn't want me to post the over the bar pic but I thought it was fine.

New Cadence Products

Yet Another Bicycle Film Festival Video

Friday, June 13, 2008


Originally uploaded by Freeman Transport
Great looking frames coming from Freeman Transport. Frames break apart for compact travel. When I powdered my frame I felt like I got a little carried away with how many parts I ran. Freeman's running even more and it's looking really good. Can't wait to see these on the road. (on youtube...)


Randoms - Bike of the Week

I pulled this image from fixed gear gallery. I thought from Jolan Lisle-Oakley from Adelaide, South Australia had an ill set up.

Jolan's specs are: Frame: Ricardo "Windcheater" Tange 900 Tubing. Handlebars and Stem: 3ttt Pista bars / Cinelli stem / Fi'z:ik bar tape / Unknown BMX brake lever Fork and Headset: Ricardo / Ricardo (unknown) / Shimano brake Front wheel: Mavic rim / Formula hub / Hutchinson Tire Rear wheel: Mavic rim / Formula hub / Hutchinson Tire Crankset and Bottom bracket: Sugino Mighty Competition / Ricardo bottom bracket (unknown) Saddle and Seat Post: Unknown / Unknown Pedals: Unknown pedals / Christophe straps. Cog/Gearing et cetera: Sugino 46t x Roselli 17t

The Weather Outlook

Yesterday I went skating for a whole 10 minutes before it stared pouring. However, just a couple of hours later two of my homies were mashing downtown. Here's the forecast for this Fathers Day weekend in Birmingham from ABC 3340:

Wet And Stormy At Times
Look for scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms across Alabama today and tomorrow. UNSETTLED WEATHER: Alabama will remain in a very moist environment for the next 36 hours, and our forecast package will highlight scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms today and tomorrow. While most of the showers and storms will come during the afternoon and evening hours, a few nighttime and morning showers are not out of the question. Like recent days, thunderstorms will. have the potential to drop heavy amounts of rain in a brief time, and the storms will also be capable of producing strong winds, small hail, and a bunch of dangerous cloud to ground lightning. Due to the clouds and showers, temperatures will have a hard time getting out of the mid 80s today and tomorrow.

We believe showers and storms will become fewer in number Sunday as drier air tries to work into Alabama, and by Monday the chance of rain is so small that we have left it out of the forecast for now.

Bootleg Peel Sessions

Thanks Mark for bringing me on board.

These post is about a week old so pardon the latency. These are way to good to neglect.
Bootleg Peel Sessions on Flickr.

Anyone game for a big group ride weekend after next?

NiteRider Rebel - On Test

NiteRider Rebel - On Test

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crazy Bomb Drops! (courtesy of Bootleg Sessions)

A Slow Wednesday Jam from Bootleg Sessions on Vimeo.

Fixed Gear Shoes By VANS! (courtesy of Bootleg Sessions)

Today's find courtesy of Fonseca films

SF Track/Fixed Night Edit from Fonsecafilms on Vimeo.

The beginning, the end and what's in the middle.

Greetings. This blog will be dedicated to the fixed gear cycle scene in Birmingham, Alabama. I hope to educate, inspire and motivate new and seasoned individuals in this urban pastime. Please check back for regular updates, news, pictures and video of the Birmingham fixed crowd. Thanks.