Friday, May 29, 2009

It's been a long time and all.

I've passed up a zillion videos to end up posing this one. Nothing mind blowing about it other than the sheer speed of this guy. Funny thing is it's a commercial for the most part for some Asics Onitsuka Tiger's that's been given a couple special touches to make it wear longer, reflective etc...

Here's more from Vimeo...

Human Traffic is proud to present an all new shoe. The shoe is a collaboration with San Francisco's own Shoe Biz, and Onitsuka Tiger. The shoe is based on the ‘66 Mexico, which features a series of notable features as it situates itself as a reflective, all-vegan shoe for fixed gear riders. The initial look includes a mesh overlay with 3M underneath on the typically sleek ‘66 Mexico style. Stay tuned for more details on availability.

For more information on the collaborative shoe, visit:

To learn more on Human Traffic, an our coming film, visit:

The guy's name is TJ and I think it's the first I've seen him. Like his style.

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